Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light On? Let Us Take a Look At It

The check engine light is the last thing that you want to see. After all, you don't want to have to deal with engine problems. At Zeigler Ford of Elkhart, our service department can quickly diagnose your check engine light and resolve the issue. Don't wait until it's too late. Put us on the job right now.

What is the "Check Engine Light?"

The check engine light is an indicator on your dashboard that looks like a vehicle's engine with the word "Check" under it. Many Ford vehicles display messages like "Ford Engine Malfunction Service Now" or Ford Engine Service Now." This badge will light up when the vehicle's onboard diagnostics system has detected an issue with your vehicle's ignition, fuel, emissions, or exhaust systems. Sometimes the problem could be as minor as your fuel cap not being closed properly. Other times a check engine light can indicate a major issue such as the misfiring of your engine.

Most common check engine light issues

The most common cause of a check engine light is replacing a faulty oxygen sensor. In fact, oxygen sensor replacements are responsible for about 8% of all check engine light repairs. Other common reasons for check engine light issues include a bad catalytic converter, faulty fuel cap, an old mass airflow sensor, or a need for spark plug replacement. To know exactly what is wrong with the engine, you will want to have our service team take a look at the issue.

Our expert approach to check engine service

At Zeigler Ford of Elkhart, we have worked on every Ford model when it comes to check engine light service. We have the most advanced diagnostic tools that can quickly detect the source of the engine's issues. From there, we use our advanced equipment to address the issue. Because we have a fully-staffed service department, we can quickly resolve the issue and get you back on the road.

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Don't let a check engine light put you on the side of the road. Let us at Zeigler Ford of Elkhart take care of the issue. Schedule an appointment today at our service department. We'll get your vehicle back in top shape fast.


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