If you’re ready to downsize your driveway or just want to make a quick buck to put toward something new, selling your car is probably on your radar. But rather than dealing with an online marketplace, why not sell your car and get paid quickly instead? At Zeigler Ford, we want to buy your car and we’ll give you an easy and convenient way to get paid for the ride you no longer need.

Why Sell to Our Dealership?

At Zeigler Ford, we aim to make selling your car as easy as possible. We offer up-front car appraisals online so you can see what your vehicle is worth before you ever pay us a visit. Those values are good for seven days, giving you the time to make the right decision when it comes to selling your car. And with transparent values on all our vehicle appraisals, you’ll never be left wondering exactly what you’ll get for your vehicle.

Compare this to the experience of selling your car in an online marketplace, where you’re in charge of setting the price, waiting for the right buyer to reach out, and arranging meet ups with strangers who aren’t serious or will attempt to lowball your price no matter what you put in the ad. Plus, we’ll help manage all the registration and transaction paperwork so you don’t have to worry about finding the right forms when its time to sell your car.

Sell Your Car the Easy Way

Avoid the wasted time and energy of selling your car online, and instead let the transparent car buying process at Zeigler Ford make getting paid for your old cars a breeze. If you have any questions or you’re looking to sell your car quickly, get in touch with us to get started today!

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