Ford has a long tradition of excellence that goes back to the original Model T, and the new Ford Escape SUV is no exception. Ford is all about protecting the environment and stretching your fuel dollars with its new Escape PHEV SUV, and at Zeigler Ford of Elkhart, we are proud to offer the Escape.

Many advantages

Not only does the Escape offer phenomenal fuel economy, but it also delivers on performance with 181 horsepower for towing through the back roads with smooth hybrid performance that will keep you gliding smoothly on the streets of Elkhart.

While the Escape is wide and long enough to accommodate plenty of cargo, it doesn't sacrifice when it comes to responsive handling, and this vehicle is simply a pleasure to drive. Furthermore, the car shifts between electric and gasoline power easily and imperceptibly.

Safety and more

Safety is at the heart of the Escape. Rearview cameras help you back out of tight spots, blind-spot monitors allow you to pass easily on the highway, and automatic braking kicks in during emergency situations. Automatic high beams are there when you need them on dark roads, and all-wheel drive is optional if you want to use your Escape for some serious adventuring.

When it comes to entertainment, drivers and passengers alike can enjoy a system that links with Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay and can be commanded through Alexa. As far as options are concerned, there are plenty to choose from. You can get practical with parking assist, get loud with a ten-speaker stereo system, or simply get comfortable with leather seating, and that's just the beginning.

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