Ford Ranger Design Features Drivers Love

The Ford Ranger is a popular midsize pickup truck that is exciting to drive, fun to ride in and great to look at. Like all the Ford trucks, the Ford Ranger is not just built tough but also with some beautiful design features inside and out. Pay us a visit at Zeigler Ford of Elkhart and check out the Ford Ranger for yourself.

The Ford Ranger’s twin power dome hood doesn’t just look great, but it works with the low-angled windshield to reduce wind noise, so you get a smooth and quiet ride. The aerodynamically designed wheel arches and grille opening scream STYLE! The interior features an exciting 8” touchscreen that offers you all your favorite technologies all by simply turning a knob.

If you’ve been considering buying a truck, don’t make a decision until you’ve checked out the new Ford Ranger. Stop in Elkhart, IN and take the Ranger out for a test drive. You’ll love this truck!

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