The Unique Comfort Features of the 2018 Ford Transit Connect

When you regularly have to transport large groups of people and want to make sure that everyone can stay comfortable, consider driving the 2018 Ford Transit Connect. With models available to fit 10, 12, and 15 passengers, there's a perfect option for your unique needs. The seating arrangement ensures that everyone has an aisle seat. This will prevent anyone from having to climb over another person or a seat.

The Ford Transit Connect comes with a best-in-class 77-inch interior height. Regardless of the size of the people you're transporting around Elkhart, you can know that they will fit easily.

For the comfort of the people in the front seats, the Ford Transit Connect is equipped with power reclining front bucket seats. Zeigler Ford of Elkhart will be happy to show you all of the features of this full-sized passenger wagon so that you can choose the right one.

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