Be Wowed by The Ford Focus ST Interior

We don't believe that it is enough to have a great looking interior. This is why at Zeigler Ford of Elkhart, we do everything we can to find something that has an extra spark. Our vehicles have designs that show distinct personalities. It is not just the features and the bells and whistles. It is how they go together as a whole. The Ford Focus ST is an example of this.

When you get a look at the interior of the Ford Focus ST, one of the first things you are going to notice is the navigation features of the vehicle. Then there are the leather-trimmed seats and the flat bottom steering wheel for comfort.

Among the other features of the interior of the Ford Focus ST are the gauges that show the different levels of fluids such as oil. You also get to know the temperature of the oil and other needed pieces of information that lets you know how well your car is driving.

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